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Soekk's Backstory Empty Soekk's Backstory

Post by Aadaro on Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:23 pm

Soekk was summoned into the material plane by a wizard as an accidental by-product of a new spell he'd been testing. The Wizard enslaved the tiefling, fearing what it could do if let loose into the world. Soekk was like this for almost a year. Then one day, bandits stormed the wizard's keep, killing the wizard in the process, and then ransacked and burned the keep to the ground. Soekk barely escaped with his life, just clearing the doorway before it all collapsed into burning rubble. Hurt, alone, and no where to go, Soekk sat down to think of what to do next. All of a sudden, nine shining beings, fey they called themselves, appeared to him and asked him if he would swear a pact with them. Knowing this to be a great honor, he accepted without hesitation. By the end of the day, however, he would come to believe this to be a terrible mistake.

These fey acted less like glorious otherworlders and more like bickering old men around a poker table about who would win in a fight: a red dragon or a balrog (which were the kind of quests he was generally sent on); and more often than not, that bickering would be inside Soekk's head. When he wasn't combining potions and making someone drink them just because his masters wanted to see what would happen, he took up bounty hunting to improve his skills for when he'd have to do something along the lines of the dragon versus balrog model.

Ever since he was summoned by the wizard he had come to accept that, being a tiefling, he was an object of fear for most people. However, do to his seemingly random exploits and how he would have to scream either over or at his patrons just to turn in a bounty, talk with a shop keeper, or hear his own thoughts, people became less afraid of him for being a tiefling and he soon became known as the "Wandering Schizophrenic Bounty Hunter." This continued for many years, right up until the world ended.

When the world began to collapse his fey lords realized that this realm was broken and believed they would need to take their ideas elsewhere. Thus, they ended their pact with Soekk and left. To most warlocks, it would be an utter disaster for their patrons to leave them. But to Soekk it seemed  to him that he just got nine extremely loud and obnoxious monkeys off his back. He then went and hid in a cave for almost a week. He was so over-joyed with the complete silence, that he bearly thought to himself and just stared into nothingness. This state of mind made it all the more startling and also terrifying when the cave wall put its hand on his shoulder.

Enter the Gnome: the god of stone and stupidity.

Hello young demon-esk creature! shouted the face in the wall,

Your lack of thought has called to me. As you can very well see: the world is in grave disrepair but I believe you can be of great assistance to the cause of mending it. I have some friends in need of such aid. So as of today, you're my new wizard!

Warlock... corrected Soekk mundanely,

But I don't want to be-

Before Soekk could finish politely disinclining (possibly with a kick to the face) the stone apparition crumbled to the ground. With seemingly no way of getting around working for a god who seemed to have no idea what he was doing, he set off. Nearly getting killed along the way because the Gnome took two whole days just to get his warlock powers working again...

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