The Bonds and their meaning so far

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The Bonds and their meaning so far Empty The Bonds and their meaning so far

Post by WryRai on Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:18 pm

dagger wrapped in flames:
The first symbol, closest to each character’s wrist, is a dagger wrapped in flame—the emblem of the Fire Knives, an old thieves’ guild that was based in Cormyr. It ran afoul of the king and his supporters, and as such was for the most part destroyed. Survivors escaped to Westgate and to Tilverton, where they set up “guilds in exile,” working with the local thieves. The Westgate branch is said to have been recently destroyed as well in a battle with adventurers. The Tilverton branch has been seeking to control the local criminal scene for years. The Fire Knives’ hatred of King Azoun remains unabated, and this is one reason why everyone is so  security minded in the city these days.

bane hand w/ eye in palm
secret bane cult
assassin gave lead back to Dragonspear

shield “z”
secret sign of zhentarim

crescent with dot
mark of a red wizard of thay

animal skin with dwarven rune
Tyranthraxus—a monster thought
to have been defeated by adventurers.

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