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Post by WryRai on Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:02 am

There is no room for pity in the slums of Waterdeep. That's where most unwanted brats like myself end up. I quickly learned to steal and hide and hope tomorrow would bring a miracle.
But there is no where left to hide now with the constable sweeping the streets for us urchins. Unless, I had with the army. Recruitment is simple enough, if you could prove yourself worthy of combat or espionage.
Basic training is every bit as terrifying as you hear about, but two lousy meals and a cot beats half a moldy loaf in the gutter.
My four man team was sent on our first mission to gather information, assured an extraction team was standing by if something went wrong. The infiltration plans leaked. We were leaked, we were captured. No one came to the rescue.
Abandoned to die twice now in her life: first when her parents left her in the streets, then when the army left her squad behind. Filled with hatred for her betrayers, she calls upon the Fiendish Spirit of Vengeance, Kallista, and offers her soul (eventually) for the power to rid the world of traitors.

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